Context is King: Online Censorship and Freedom of Speech

In the last week or so we’ve seen hateful attacks on (predominantly) female journalists, commentators and activists receive mass media attention. It’s important to note – as Laurie Penny has done via Twitter – that it’s this attention that is new and not the attacks. For a long time, women who write on online platforms […]

Text Now for a Frictionless Deportation!

The coalition government recently unveiled a new initiative aimed at removing (so-called) illegal immigrants from Britain. It’s perhaps one of the most disgusting schemes I’ve seen since they came to power, although there’s a lot to choose from: criminalising all squatting; demonising the unemployed; implying that most long-term sick and disabled people are gaming the […]

Communicative Capitalism

Following on from her opening keynote at the recent – and excellent – Neoliberalism, Crisis and the World System conference in York, I’ve been reading Jodi Dean’s latest book, The Communist Horizon. It’s a bold and important intervention into the elision of the communist imaginary from contemporary left thinking, and I’d recommend it to anyone […]

Journalism as a Vocation

This week coroner Michael Singleton accused The Mail of engaging in a “sensational and salacious” campaign of “character assassination” against Lucy Meadows, resulting in her taking her own life in March of this year. Richard Littlejohn of the same paper had taken a particular interest in her transition whilst teaching at a school in the […]

Can Academics Manage Their Twitter?

My colleague Dave Beer asked a couple of months ago whether or not academics can manage without Twitter. It’s something I’ve considered myself, suggesting in an earlier post that information can be mined but that the conversational element that would facilitate understanding and/or the evolution of arguments and ideas is lacking. One thing I hadn’t […]


There’s a lot to be said about crowdsourcing, the act of obtaining knowledge or information from an online group of people (determined by the crowdsourcer or not). As a recent adopter of Twitter, I’m particularly interested in the way that journalists use crowdsourcing to construct comment pieces. However, this is not a blogpost about crowdsourcing. […]